Protect Your Family From Bites This Summer

Ask about our tick and mosquito treatments

Summertime is known for long days of sunshine, fun days at the pool and, least exciting of all, mosquitoes and ticks. If you're tired of finding itchy bites all over every time you go outside, contact the pros at Brent's Bugs LLC. We offer mosquito treatments for properties in Stockbridge, MI, Houghton Lake, MI, and surrounding towns.

Our tick and mosquito treatment typically lasts around 3 or 4 weeks, so we typically recommend scheduling mosquito and tick control service monthly. We'll treat your entire yard plus your bushes and trees for maximum coverage. Pricing is based on your property's acreage.

Learn about the dangers of ticks

While mosquitoes in our area usually just leave irritatingly itchy bites, ticks can transmit life-threatening diseases to you, your family and your pets. In more severe cases of tick-borne illnesses, tick bites cause paralysis. If you want to avoid getting tick bites in your backyard, schedule tick control services today.