Expert Mosquito Control in Mid & Southeastern Michigan

Summertime is known for long days of sunshine, fun days at the pool, and, unfortunately, mosquitoes. If you’re tired of having itchy bites all over every time you go outside, contact the pros at Brent’s Bugs. Our mosquito control treatment is designed to last all summer and beyond. Don’t let the little biters make you stay inside during the nice weather!
High-Quality Mosquito Control in Southeastern Michigan

Treatment Rotation for the Best Results

Mosquito infestation must be treated using different solutions on a rotating schedule so the little biters don’t develop resistance to just one treatment type. Many pest control companies use the same treatment all year long, which can actually make mosquito, wasp, spider, tick and other pest problems worse! Our rotating, pesticide-free treatments ensure the longest-lasting effectiveness.

Top Rated Mosquito Control in Mid and Southeastern Michigan

Need Mosquito Control in Mid & Southeastern Michigan?

When you want mosquito control that focuses on the future as well as the present, Brent’s Bugs is here for you. Specializing in pesticide-free, education-based solutions for mosquitoes, ticks, wasps, bees and spiders, we also provide the very best bed bug extermination in the state. Contact us today and take back your home!

Top-Notch Mosquito Control in Mid & Southeastern Michigan

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