Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

We provide bed bug treatments in Stockbridge, Houghton Lake, and the surrounding towns

Did you know that you can get bed bugs at a hotel, on a plane and even from movie theater seats? Bed bugs unfortunately love to travel. If you suspect your home has bed bugs, turn to the pros at Brent's Bugs LLC. We'll first inspect every room and each piece of furniture. Then, we'll complete a thorough and effective bed bug treatment. With our help, you can say bye to bed bugs for good.

We serve residential and commercial properties in Stockbridge, Houghton Lake, and the surrounding areas. Call 517-740-2158 now to schedule a bed bug inspection and treatment.

We're here to answer your questions

We try to make extermination as simple as possible for our customers by making sure they have all the information they need before scheduling an appointment. Some common questions we get about our bed bug inspection and bed bug treatment service are:

How much does it cost? Pricing is based on the severity of the infestation and the number of rooms we need to treat.
How does treatment work? We generally apply a powerful chemical treatment that's safe for you and your pets.
How long does it take? It typically takes anywhere between one and three hours, and we'll follow up within two weeks.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us today.

What is Bed bug Heat treatment?

We use specially designed heaters that will heat the room up to 140 degrees. This temperature will not harm electronics, furniture, pictures, or wallpaper. We then are constantly flipping or turning furniture, clothing, tables, chairs and using fans to direct heat to kill all stages of bed bugs.

Benefits to Bed bug Heat treatments:

1. No Chemicals used: Heat treatments will not lead to any long-term health side effects of exposed individuals; chemicals can be toxic if not properly ventilated before re-occupancy or if proper procedures are not followed.
2. Belongings- In most cases, you won't have to throw away your furniture that bed bugs have been hiding in. Keep in mind that in cases of extreme infestation, you still may have to.
3. With the heat treatment, no matter where the bed bugs are hiding, they can't run from their impending doom.
4. Effective: Bed Bug Heat Treatment has a higher success rate (97%) than Chemical treatments. Generally it's a 1 and done whereas chemical requires multiple treatments.

What is the Cost?

Honestly, I could give you a Flat rate but each Home, Office, Commercial Property is different. We will come out and do an inspection and give you a quote based on what we suggest. Sometimes, insecticide treatments might be a better option or maybe some areas we should do heat and others insecticide. Also we need to know the severity of how bad the bed bug infestation is.

Prep Work:

Generally we need all candles, combustible, air fresheners, Live plants, pets and wax paintings to be removed from the areas that are being heat treated. We will provide a bed bug prep list before we come. We also will do a walk through with you on the day of treatment to make sure we got everything on the list covered.

After Treatment

After the treatment has been completed the temperature of your residence will probably still be very warm. Therefore, a cool down period will be needed in order to return the ambient temperature of your home to a normal comfortable temperature.
To help expedite the cooling down phase, we will have all the Windows open with a fan going. This just helps get the temperature down to bearable temperatures.
During the treatment procedure, some of your items have been shifted, flipped or relocated to other rooms in order to provide a constant and even heat treatment to all items throughout the home. We typically will not replace items back to their original positions due to the home being too warm for our employees to safely work for an extended period of time.
While your items are still in their temporary location, we strongly encourage vacuuming up and dead insects, casings or egg groupings that you find either in, under or no the heat treated items.
If purchased by a customer, mattresses will be sealed in mattress encasements to remain in place permanently. Ripped/torn encasements should be repaired or replaced immediately.
Do not shampoo/steam clean carpets for 30 days after treatment.