How to Avoid Tick Bites in Pinckney

Fall is an active time for ticks, and they’re going to be more common than ever in the autumn months. Ticks can carry all kinds of diseases and their bites can be a serious issue. Knowing how to avoid tick bites will help you stay healthy throughout the autumn months.

Know Where Ticks Are Located

The best thing you can do to avoid issues with ticks is to know where they’re  usually found. Ticks are generally located in tall grasses and weeds where they can easily latch onto clothing and skin. Avoiding these areas will be your best bet if you want to prevent bites.

Treat Clothing With Repellent

If you know you’ll be in an area where ticks are found, treating your clothing can help. There are all kinds of tick repellents that are effective. Applying these repellents can help keep them off you and out of your home.

Do a Check Before Entering Your Home

After walking outside or being near an area where tick bites are common, it’s a good idea to check your body before going inside your home. This way, you can remove the ticks from your clothing and they won’t have a chance to bite you. This will also help you protect your pets and other members of your household.

Need Help Avoiding Tick Bites in Pinckney?

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Expert Help Avoiding Tick Bites in Pinckney

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